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RUBIAL e HIJOS is an officially approved and qualified company, with expertise in the manufacture and installation of production process equipment for the most demanding industries.

The increasing customisation of industrial products requires new machinery concepts that can deliver maximum speed and flexibility.

The systems developed by RUBIAL e HIJOS can be readily adapted to a variety of production requirements, allowing our customers to trial customised solutions or production line concepts based on 3D and simulation models, thus allowing them to bring their machinery into production much faster.

Our Engineering Department, working in compliance with the recommendations of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) and with the standards applicable to the industry for which they are intended, validate the latest generation software designs by employing virtual testing and sophisticated modelling techniques that allow them to respond to situations demanding complex load scenarios and multiphysics solutions.

At RUBIAL e HIJOS, we combine innovation, technology and experience to offer a range of global, reliable and high-quality products and solutions, as well as an ongoing after-sales service, which have earned us the loyalty of our customers

Thanks to our extensive project experience, we are able to offer our customers guaranteed execution lead-times, by monitoring our internal processes throughout to ensure we meet the delivery deadlines agreed.

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